The Property Care Association (PCA), a national trade organisation in the UK, conducted a renowned awards ceremony where RTC Group, a specialist in property preservation, was honoured twice.

RTC, a Blackpool-based company, received the Contractor of the Year award in the Damp and Timber award category for large companies based on the results of its yearly audit.

The business also took first place in the Outstanding Client Service category after showing customer reviews and testimonials.

RTC specialises in dry rot, wet rot, woodworm management, structural waterproofing, flood remediation, and many other facets of building preservation and specialised property care.

The business uses a “customer service checklist” as well as a “customer journey” video series to help clients understand the services they require and what to anticipate at each step of the process.

This is the second time RTC has received the distinguished honour; they were the happy beneficiaries of the same award in 2020. The Contractor of the Year awards was based on the audits of PCA members.

The entries for the Outstanding Customer Service Award were evaluated by a panel of knowledgeable judges.

The judges stated that the core values of this organisation are continuous improvement and “performing what we say we will do.” A resounding success—this is how to do it!

The PCA presented a number of awards to its members’ companies and individuals that demonstrated the utmost professionalism and expertise.

Safeguard (Europe) Ltd sponsored the Contractor of the Year (Damp & Timber) for large organisations, while Edincare Pumps sponsored the award for Outstanding Customer Service.

At a ceremony held at The Slate at the University of Warwick, the awards were given to the RTC team.

“Our members tackle a range of challenges that can affect people’s homes and companies, structures of national importance, or big infrastructure,” said Steve Hodgson, Chief Executive of the PCA.

“Their talent and abilities are highly recognised, and the 2022 Best Practice Awards provide us a chance to recognise the knowledge and experience of our members.

“I thank these honours for recognising RTC’s professionalism and dedication to providing top-notch service.”

About Us – Remedial Treatment Consultants

RTC is a pioneer in offering services, guidance, and technical assistance in the preservation industry, whether you are a house owner or a commercial client. RTC was started in 1990 by specialised surveyors Andrew Bradshaw and Jamie Willacy.
Accurate diagnosis is crucial in successfully treating damp or timber issues. We take pride in the fact that both of our partners have worked in the preservation sector for over 34 years and have a plethora of credentials and technical experience that allow us to address the issues with your building in the most efficient manner.

We think our clients respect a conservative, moral, and stable approach because we are in serious business. We obviously only work with the most cutting-edge and efficient materials available, and this, along with our emphasis on staff development, is one of the reasons our guarantee claim rate is the lowest we’ve ever seen in the entire industry (less than 0.1%! ), making us more dependable than a Rolls Royce. (Although perhaps not as appealing to the eye).

Everybody takes the environment seriously, and as part of our company’s environmental policy, we are committed to using only the safest chemicals for each treatment while also being careful and safe.

From the minute you start looking through this website and make the first phone call until the time our specialists pack up their tools and leave your house clean, neat, and problem-free, we strive to give you a terrific customer experience. In the odd event that we do make a mistake (and everyone makes mistakes occasionally, regardless of what they say), we will see to it that it is fixed right away.
This consumer focus, in our opinion, is what matters. Since we have been in business for more than 30 years, we are happy to have kept in touch with many clients from both the residential and commercial sectors, demonstrating the validity of our corporate philosophy and hopefully paving the way for another 30 years.

Stormdry: External Waterproofing

A ground-breaking substance called “Stormdry” was created by Safeguard Europe and independently tested by the University of Portsmouth to stop water from penetrating masonry. For brick and stone walls, it is a colourless, permeable water repellent treatment.

All brick walls retain water when it rains and releases it when the weather is dry. This is a typical function of a wall and shouldn’t be problematic or do any harm. However, in continuous rainstorms, walls may become wet and the building may experience permeating dampness. This is especially important regarding solid walls, improperly installed cavity wall insulation or situations where it shouldn’t have been installed in the first place.
Buildings with solid walls lose more heat through them when they are wet because masonry loses thermal efficiency when it becomes wet compared to when it is dry.

Stormdry is unique in that it penetrates deeply into the masonry before curing to form a water-repellent barrier that protects against penetrating dampness and increases the thermal efficiency of masonry by keeping it dry. Stormdry is applied as a cream in a single layer. Although it will even fill in tiny cracks (0.3 mm or smaller), major cracks should always be corrected, and mortar pointing needs to be in good condition.

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The post Double award win for Blackpool property preservation company appeared first on



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